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About Us

RMT Healthcare Services - Who we are?

RMT Healthcare Services Ltd is a capable, dedicated, and enthusiastic firm that connects nursing and allied health professionals with ideal job opportunities across a network of NHS Trusts, Surgeries, Rehabilitation Centres, Prisons, Detention Centres, Private hospitals, Care and Residential Homes. We are in a fantastic position to discover the appropriate person with the right abilities to deliver professional and necessary care to people who need it most.

At RMT Healthcare Services Ltd, we believe that every healthcare provider deserves a recruitment consultant who understands the day-to-day concerns and requirements of the industry. To ensure a great match every time, we take the chance to get to know our clients and prospects. This enables us to deliver a tailored experience that connects clients to incredible talent and candidates to amazing opportunities in a standardized and seamless manner.

When clients choose to work with RMT Healthcare Services Ltd, they are hiring a team of health-care professionals who are ready to tackle on any staffing obstacles. Our manager oversees procedures and maintains constant contact with all of our clients. RMT Healthcare Services Ltd distinguishes itself from other recruitment firms with their skilled and compassionate.

Providing Help To Clients

Whether it's a last-time shift or a block booking, it is not a problem for us!
Every nurse and carer we provide has passed a DBS Check
We are able to help provide care to those who need us.
Our care is for as long as we are needed, no matter what the needs for your home care.
When you have RMT Healthcare on your side, just give us a call, let us what you need and we will do the rest for you.

Discover yourself through analysis.

Our Main Objectives

We thrive on building a healthy and solid community for all individuals.

Our main goal after determining the demand for healthcare recruitment services is to establish a service-oriented business with the primary purpose of exceeding clients' expectations. We aim provide a high quality, consistent service. Throughout our service, we aim to establish partnerships with other professionals in the healthcare industry. We ensure that the client and or their representatives will be contacted on a regular basis about the service we provide and that any adjustments thought essential will be implemented.

Our Main Mission and Vision

The goal of RMT Healthcare Services Ltd is to supply high-quality healthcare personnel. We exist to bring in and keep clients. In order to meet the demands of our clients, we aim to hire people who are knowledgeable, caring, and well trained. Our company will make every effort to give its employees competitive compensation, a pleasant work environment, and professional, dependable management and supervision.

Our Main Vision and Mission

The company's values of assistance, understanding, and compassion are reflected in our employees; we want everyone who utilizes RMT Healthcare Services Ltd's services to feel valued and have a sense of confidence in our ability to accurately match candidates with suitable jobs, thus we abide by the following criteria.

The aspects listed below are expected to assist us acquire a comparative advantage.

We are committed to offering the best business services and solutions to our clients. The market standard is set by the level of service provided, so our clients are at the core of all we do.
Shared aims
We share aims and mutual support lead to higher success when the company's overall objectives are prioritized over the interests of any specific aspect.
In every scenario, we try to maintain an optimistic attitude by anticipating the best potential conclusion.
Up to date training
We offer online and personal training to all of our candidates, so they can be confident that the people you hire have the most up-to-date and relevant skills.